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Answers To Audience Rewards Trivia For Free US Airways Miles


Answers are now available to Audience Reward’s Trivia for free US Airways Dividend Miles.

What Is Audience Rewards Trivia?

Audience Rewards offer free trivia games online about Broadway to earn free Delta Airlines and US Airways frequent flyer miles and Starwood Hotel (SPG) points.

Since I began offering answers in June of 2011, Best Buy Rewards Zone and Amtrak Rewards have jumped in as a partner with Audience Rewards Program play trivia online.

* Want to learn more about Broadway? Click here, here and here for past trivia questions.
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Question and Answers are Current as of November 18, 2011

U.S. Airways Dividend Miles and Audience Rewards Trivia, Link

Q1:  In Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark, Arachne becomes what to Spiderman?
A1:  His Guardian

Q2:  True or False? Patti Lupone has never taken part in a repertory series on Broadway
A2:  False

Q3:  What performer in Godspell also wrote a musical that played on Broadway?
A3:  Nick Blaimere

Q4:  Jeff Calhoun was an “unbilled choroegraphic consultant” for what Broadway show?
A4:  Taboo

Q5:  Jerry O’Connell gained fame as a child for starring in what movie?
A5:  Stand By Me

Q6:  When was the Walter Kerr theatre built?
A6:  1921

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