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Results Are In: Using Expired Delta Airlines Drink Coupons


Delta Airlines Drink CouponsI had a couple of Delta Airlines “Have One One Us Coupons” that expired December 31, 2011.  Although I used a few coupons and gave a bunch away, I still had  six remaining when the end of the year hit.

While I rarely use expired coupons, Mr. Map likes to give it a whirl.  So he grabbed four vouchers to conduct a very unscientific experiment. At least that was his excuse. (I think his real goal was to quench his thirst after a long meeting with his boss.)

Without further ado, I present Mr. Map’s very unscientific experiment to determine if expired Delta drink coupons can be used in flight.

Expired Delta Airlines Drink Coupon

Flight SegmentResult (Yes/No)Notes
Madison to AtlantaNORequest made to 1 female attendant, approx age under 30.
Atlanta to IndianapolisNoRequest made to 1 female attendant, approx age under 30.
Indianapolis to AtlantaYes2 coupons accepted! Request made to 1 female attendant, approx age over 30.
Atlanta to MadisonNoRequest made to 1 male attendant, approx age under 30.


Result:  Perhaps one can conclude that a seasoned flight attendant is more willing to go the extra mile to make sure passengers had a pleasant in-flight experience.   One may also conclude that the flight attendant was able to ascertain when someone needed a break after a long meeting.    In other words,  with any expired deal, Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV).

Read:  Check out an earlier post for tips on Delta Airlines Have One On Us Coupon. In this post, I highlight ways to get these coupons at a discount – even free.  And using these types of coupons for delicious snack boxes listed on Delta’s Eats Menu (PDF).

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