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Have Fun And Make Money Using Your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

America is Great – now you can get paid snap a few pictures while you walk around town, doing regular errands or on your morning commute. Gigwalk is a company that has regular people like you and me use our iPhone to explore, take a picture and earn some extra money.

The idea behind Gigwalk is pretty simple yet innovative. Download an app to find jobs in your area as a “Gigwalker.” As a gigwalker or someone who does a job for Gigwalk, the tasks are pretty easy.  Click here to learn more about Gigwalk.

Examples of tasks with Gigwalk:

* Verify Road Signs
* Picture of Intersections
* Interior or Exterior of Restaurants
* Food Pictures

Gigwalk with your iphone, ipod, ipad

Be A Gigwalker with Gigwalk


How does Gigwalk work?

Download the App  via Apple and Apply – It’s totally free.  Click here for the app.

Find & Do Gigs Using Your iPhone, iPod or iPad – Photograph businesses, verify map information, test mobile apps, perform consumer research and more.

Get Paid – Payment is through PayPal.

A large percentage of my friends have signed-up though are still waiting for an official acceptance.  I was lucky to get paid $3 for a job assignment in Chicago. (I only post “making money” ideas that I have actually tried.)   While this is fun, unless they have a need for a gigwalker in Fiji or Bali, I don’t think I’ll go out of my way for another job.  However, this is a great opportunity if you can incorporate it into your regular routine or schedule.

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