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Discover Bank Refer-A-Friend Program Reminder

Discover Bank Refer-A-Friend Cash Bonus

Personal Reminder – The Discover Refer-A-Friend Program for Cash Bonuses is ending soon.

Discover Savings Account: Refer-A-Friend for $25 Cash Bonus is ending on November 1, 2011. See steps below.

Discover Credit Card: Refer-A-Friend for $50 Cash Bonus is ending on December 10, 2011. This offer does require that you click on a personalized link that I send you through your email. If you want to become a card member and collect the $50 cash bonus, send me your email. You do not need to send me your full name, only your email using the contact form at Additionally, Discover does not send me your name nor do they send me who was approved or declined. This information is kept confidential between you and Discover.

Steps To Get Your $25 Cash Bonus From Discover Bank Refer-A-Friend

1.  Open an eligible account online, by clicking here

Eligible Accounts:

  • Online Savings Account
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Money Market Account

2.  Enter your Refer-a-Friend codes in the application form

Select “Refer-a-Friend” from the “How Did You Hear About Us” drop-down menu

  • Enter your Referral Code: 0000889864
  • Enter your promotion Offer Code: RAF911E

3.  Fund your account before the offer expiration date of 11/01/2011

The minimum initial deposit for Discover Online Savings Accounts is $500.
Minimum initial deposit for Discover Money Market Accounts and Discover CD accounts is $2,500.

Current Interest Rates:

Online Savings Accounts –  1.10% APY for all balances
Money Market Accounts –  1.00% APY for $10,000 balance
CD Accounts – 2.20% APY for a 5-year terms

4.  Maintain the minimum initial deposit for 60 days

5.  Both of us receive a $25 Cash Bonus

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Jessica 2

If anyone needs a referal for the 50 dollar cashback credit card I am a card member heres my email

Susie 2

Thanks for the idea to start a referral list. If anyone needs a referral, send an email to

Who else is a card member and wants to make $50 for each referral? Leave your email address so someone can contact you.

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