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Make Money With Your Passion

Today we are going to brainstorm ideas on how to make extra money with your passion.

If you are…….


Create an ebook, rewrite poorly written ads, reviews, guidelines, tutorials


Party planner, wait tables, bartender, driver for pizza or newspapers, pet care, errand runner,


Car wash, clean houses, yard work, organize neighbor’s garage or house, gardening, painting


Sell pictures to magazines, online stock, websites, family pictures, weddings

 Artsy, Musical, Baker?

Sell your crafts at flea market or online, sign or play an instrument for events, paint murals, tailor, cater parties, bake items for craft shows,

 Overflowing With Stuff?

Sell extra stuff (clothes, games, toys, crafts, etc.) on ebay, craig’s list, amazon, yard sale

 Extra Time?

Mystery shop, online surveys, focus groups, product demonstration, promotions, freebies, contests, donate plasma, virtual assistant, clinical trials


Develop websites, logo’s, create plug-ins and widgets


Tutor at schools, create online lessons, coach, private lessons in swimming


Census worker, mall Santa or Easter bunny, holiday cashier, ski resorts, lifeguard

This is not a complete list but does give some ideas to start thinking about your passion and how you can make extra money from it.

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